About Us

Revitalizing communities one home at a time.

The Coalition For Urban Renewal Excellence (CURE) is a Fresno based 501©(3) nonprofit corporation started by community members concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Fresno. Since its inception in 1999, CURE has acquired and rehabbed or constructed and sold over 100 homes in the Fresno area to low and moderate-income homebuyers.

As the housing market in Fresno has changed, so CURE has changed to meet the affordable housing need. In CURE’s early years, it focused on the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing homes. Later when existing housing prices climbed steeply, CURE began a program of new construction that continued to produce affordable housing.

While housing in Fresno has become more affordable, the opportunity for low and moderate-income homebuyers to become homeowners has not increased, because a large number of the sales of existing homes are to cash investors. That is why in today’s market, CURE has refocused on the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing housing in order to continue providing low and moderate-income families with the opportunity to become homeowners.