Are you eligible for a CURE Fresno home?

1. Income Eligibility: CURE has a mission to sell to low and moderate income families (see attached table below to locate your family size and the associated MAXIMUM allowable gross annually income). YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW A COPY OF YOUR MOST RECENT TAX RETURN AS VERIFICATION OF INCOME ELIGIBILITY.

2. Financial Considerations: Each applicant is strongly encouraged to pre-qualify with a lender of your choosing. Only pre-qualified prospective homeowners will be considered when the home is complete and ready to sell.

3. Home Owner Education: If you have successfully qualified and have opened escrow on a CURE home‚ you have just one final requirement before the home is yours. Prior to delivery of your keys‚ you will be required to provide a certificate of completion showing your successful completion of a homeownership program. CURE has included information on available programs in this area.

CURE has no involvement in‚ nor does it take any responsibility for the denial‚ or factors causing the denial of any homebuyer’s application for a loan to purchase a CURE home.

Download the Application here.


Income Eligibility Table (Effective January 2016)

Low Income 80% Median                                                                                                        Moderate Income 120% Median

Household Size Maximum Allowable Gross Annual Income Household Size Maximum Allowable Gross Annual Income
1 $32,450 1 $48,650
2 $37,050 2 $55,600
3 $41,700 3 $62,550
4 $46,300 4 $69,500
5 $50,050 5 $75,050
6 $53,750 6 $80,600
7 $57,450 7 $86,200
8 and over $61.150 8 and over $91.750